The town of Kas was built around the remains of ancient Antiphellos and is surrounded by lofty, rocky cliffs. Over the years, it has developed from a little port to a main tourist attraction and became the region’s main resort. The city has a rocky coastline providing unrestricted access to the Mediterranean’s gleaming waters. Kas offers a lot of contradicting aspects like mountain and sea, ancient ruins and modern buildings.
According to history, Kas was actually a small port situated at Lycia’s southern tip. During the ancient times, Kas was called Habesos and later in the years, it was renamed as Antiphellos. It was a small port town which was once an unspoiled fishing village and boasts of among the Lycia oldest settlements. A breakwater protected the ancient harbor of the town and Kas was serving as the Pinarbasi and Phellos hinterland port. 

The little town of Kas boasts several ancient treasures because of its historical setting. Located in the Kas centre is Lycian Sarcophagus. On the west of Kas is where the Hellenistic period well-preserved theater situated. With its amazing 4th century BC sculpted carvings; the monumental tomb of the lion is an amazing ancient touch in the city. Also found in and around the town, there are many Lycian rock tombs. 

Kas is a place where you can experience all at once; the amazing wonders of forest, sea, history and art. It is a place where you will be able to satisfy your desire just by discovering several unspoiled areas. The town is filled with a bunch of houses all around the main street and teahouses where tourists and fishermen go chill out while exchanging stories.

There are many historical places such as Xanthos, Letoon, Patara, Tlos, Arycanda, Pinara, Theimussa, Myra, The Church of St Nicholas within a short drive and you can also enjoy a cruise of the Sunken City at Simena.
Kas is also a perfect place for outdoor activities such as sea kayaking, hiking, mountain biking. You can visit the ancient ruins and remote villages while climbing up to catch a glimpse of perfect sceneries high above these mountains. Mount Kizlar Sivrisi measures about 3086 m and Mount Akdag is at 3030 m high. These mountains are fit for professional climbing. For those who want to take it easy, Yesil Gol, Ucarsu and Gombe are the best places.