Domestic Lines:
For the companies MINOAN LINES, BLUE STAR FERRIES(*), NEL LINES, DODEKANISSOS LINES, ANEK LINES, G.A. FERRIES, HELLENIC SEAWAYS, SUPERFAST FERRIES, AEGEAN SPEED LINES, SEA JETS, AGOUDIMOS LINES, VENTOURIS SEA LINES, CYCLADES FAST FERRIES and KALLISTI FERRIES to Greek islands you can collect your tickets at port without paying delivery expenses.  We will provide you with a Reservation code after your booking will have been processed.

(*) BLUE STAR FERRIES Super Economy Fares (€ 10.00 - 20.00) CANNOT be collected at the port prior to departure.
Please select postage way as per below. 

International Lines:  
All ferry companies for international routes (Greece-Italy) provide T.O.D. (Ticket on Departure) ticketing. You may collect your tickets at the ferry companies' port check-in offices without paying delivery expenses.
We will provide you with a Reservation code after your booking will have been processed.
Postage Rates : 
If you wish to have your ferryboat tickets in hand, we will have to send the tickets to your mailing address by Courier Service or regular post service (time permitting) with additional service charges :
- Post Mail in Turkey (5-7 working days) - €2
- Post Mail in Europe and USA (15 working days) - €5

- Courier in Turkey (2 working days) - €5
- Courier European Countries (3-4 Working days for delivery) - €25
- Courier USA (4-5 Working days for delivery) - €35
- Courier Other Countries (5-6 Working days for delivery) - €50
For more than 6 passengers or for additional routing reservations, please proceed with a new reservation form.
After filling in the form for the extra passenger or a new route, please do not mark on the "delivery method" otherwise you will be charged for the postage expenses again.
All combined reservations (more than 6 passengers, extra routing) must be done the same day as your tickets will be
posted immediately. 
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